Who We Are:

At the present time, Gold Lion Productions (GLP) is focused on the production
of a motion picture entitled Third Man in the Ring (hereafter referred to as
Third Man) from an original script. GLP is the sole owner of the script and the
story on which Third Man is based. We, at Gold Lion, believe that, in the story
of Third Man, we have the ingredients for a successful and profitable motion

The management team at Gold Lion Productions consists of Barbara Stolfi
Maggio, President, and James (Jim) Maggio, Vice President. Barbara's bio
Barbara L. Stolfi Maggio
Barbara graduated from the prestigious Packer Collegiate Institute in
Brooklyn, NY and the American University in Washington DC with a degree of
Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Communications, Speech and Drama. In
addition, she continued her studies at The American Academy of Dramatic
Arts. Since graduation, she has pursued a career as an actress, appearing in
major motion pictures, television programs and commercials, and as a model
doing print work. Barbara is a member of the SAG, AFTRA and GIAA guilds.

Barbara has authored this book dealing with her father’s career in boxing and
her relationship with her parents. Her father was a celebrated Hall of Fame
professional fight referee who maintained the name he fought under, Teddy
Martin. She has also co-authored a screenplay inspired by her book that has
attracted the attention of notable names in the motion picture industry that
have shown a keen interest in developing the script into a major motion
picture. In this endeavor, Barbara is working with top directors and producers
with regard to financing, budgeting, casting and distribution of motion
pictures in association with her production company, Gold Lion Productions.

In addition to her keen interest in film production and acting, Barbara has
served as Director of Public Relations for the Hoboken International Film
Festival and as a Commissioner for the Passaic County (NJ) Film Commission.

While growing up, Barbara attended many of the bouts that her father
refereed. In doing so, she developed a friendly relationship with many
prominent boxers. One of the standout fighters was that of Rocky Graziano
who introduced her to contacts in show business. To this day, she is well-
known in many of the boxing organizations in the New York-New Jersey area.

During her career as an actress, Barbara has appeared in films with such
Hollywood luminaries as Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy directed by John
Schlesinger, Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry directed by Mike Nichols,
Nicholas Cage in It Could Happen To You directed by Andrew Bergman, Bruce
Willis and Samuel Jackson in Die hard III directed by John McTiernan, Don
Johnson in Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart and in many TV episodes
with such stars as James Gandolfini and Vinny Pastore in the Sopranos, Jack
Klugman The Odd Couple, Telly Savales in Kojak, and Jerry Orbach in Law
and Order along with appearances on Special Victims Unit, The Defenders,
and Naked City.  (click on the photos below to enlarge them)
Magic Garden of Stanley     
   Sweetheart - On Set
It Could Happen To You
It Could Happen To You
(Big Pussy, Vin Pastore
at right)
     Uncle Junior
 Dominic Chianese
  Pauley Walnuts
     Tony Sirico
  Cindy Lauper
  Ken DelVecchio
Hoboken Int'l Film Festival
Best Screenplay Award
   Kinky Killers, Movie
Mandylor Brothers
 Louis and Costas
       Sal Richards
  Frank Vincent
   Charles Durning
Red Carpet - Hoboken
  Int'l Film Festival
      Mike Marino
Jim Maggio, Vincent Ponte
      Actor Group
Randy Jones, Village People
Dick Barclay, Oscar Winner
Paulie Cicero, Actor and        
     Remi Brabant of
 Remy Martin Cognac
    Vincent Brana
 Vincent Brana
   Vincent Brana
    Barbara, Jim at
Teddy Martin Induction in   
        New Jersey Boxing
         Hall of Fame
 John Pogorelic
   Helen Proimos
    Donna McKenna
    Debbie DeStefano
Henry Hascup, President
  New Jersey Boxing
     Hall of Fame
Boxing Champions:
Chuck  Wepner,  Don            
McAteer,  Carlos Ortiz
Al Certo, Boxing Manager
Jerry Cooney, Heavyweight
Ring 25 Retired Boxers
Tony Catanzaro, Richie     
"Flash" Gonzalez, Tony     
   Orlando, Pete Nozza
Accepting the Ring 25          
Award to Teddy Martin
Don McAteer, Paul Venti
         of Ring 25
    Melvina Lathan,              
Chairperson New York     
State Athletic Commission
      Kathy Duva
  Boxing Promoter
      Aaron Davis
  New Jersey Boxing          
  Lenny Mangiapane
Retired Boxer, Restauranteur
 Babs Dear Friend         
        Jon Voight