A 13+ minute video that serves as a precursor to our feature film
and illustrates the dilemma faced by The Third Man in the Ring.
The link below takes you the video on Youtube.

To view the video, click on the link below then enter Third Man in
the Ring in Youtube's Search box then click on the picture.
What viewers have said about the video:
I really enjoyed the video.
the late Angelo Dundee, Trainer of        
Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard
Third Man in the Ring is an awesome story. Thanks for
sharing the video with me. I can't wait for the movie.
Your father was a great man.
Arturo "El Gato" Tubens, band leader, musician
Fantastic!      Melvina Lathan, Chairman
 New York State Athletic Commission
Mike said: Loved it! Loved it!
Giovanna said: Your father was a great man!
I'm looking forward to reading your book.
You did your father proud.
Robert said: Your video brings back a lot of memories
when I was in the boxing game. Well done! Lots of
Richard said: I watched the video on Youtube.
The story made me feel great to be an Italian in
America.I cried happy tears watching the story
unfold. You have a great father.
James J said: Barbara, thank you for sharing your
story. The elements of your screenplay sound
compelling and will draw upon a broad audience of
viewers. From your voice-over commentary along with
the classic photos, you present a broad range of
concepts that appeal to the human condition. The ethic
of hard work, family values, the plight of the being an
immigrant minority, and the lure of greed are all present.
I was fortunate to see the short version of the
upcoming feature film and I predict that "Third
Man in the Ring" will be a blockbuster.
 Helen Proimos, Actress and Manager
Exciting! Informative! I want to see more of
the story.
Donna McKenna, Well-known Casting Agent
Faces Behind the Voices in the Video
(click on the photos to enlarge them)
Morgan Paul
Morgan Paul is no longer                      
associated or affiliated with Gold         
Lion Productions, LLC nor with the       
film Third Man in the Ring.
Barbara Stolfi Maggio
James (Jim) Maggio
 Teddy Martin