1. OUR PRODUCTS - BOOK: "My Life With The Third Man in the Ring"
by Barbara Stolfi Maggio

Author, actress, film producer Barbara Stolfi Maggio is proud to announce
the publication of her latest book, My Life With The Third Man in the Ring
(available at, and electronic booksellers
for Ipad).

This 376 page book is packed with chapter after chapter of
behind-the-scenes drama of a man who rose from poverty to celebrity, fell
in love and married a well-to-do girl, walked the fine line between legal and
illegal enterprises, became a mob associate, was subjected to mob
treachery, and because of his addiction to alcohol allowed his marriage to

This New York tale is told as experienced by the author, the daughter of
The Third Man in the Ring. Their story will make you laugh, cry, and
experience the highs and lows of their lives.
What readers have said about the book:
Absolutely love the book. You have a winner.
                Judy Prianti, Actress
It looks like you researched the Carbo era in boxing
thoroughly. Boxing was controlled by a network of
mob-related individuals in all the big cities and ignored by
the (boxing) commissions (in the 40's and 50's) ... I will
enjoy reading the book.
    Pete Nozza, Boxing Manager and Trainer
Teddy Martin was a legend.
        New York Post Sportswriter
I just loved reading the book. Because it was
written by Teddy Martin's daughter, you get
a woman's perspective of the boxing world
along with an inside view of their tumultuous
and fascinating family life.
Helen Proimos, Actress and Manager
Captivating story like no other. A must read!
Donna McKenna, Well-known Casting Agent
To read this fascinating story, an
electronic Adobe PDF version of
the book is now available for only
$7.99 by simply clicking on the
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The Faces Behind the Names in the Book
  (click on the photos to enlarge them)
Frankie Carbo aka Mr. Grey

The Underworld's Overlord
of Boxing in the 40's and 50's
Sal Barone,  prizefighter
  Dolly's Brother
     Barbara and Jim in
    Wildwood Crest, NJ
     Grandpa Nick Stolfi
    Nanny, Mary Barone
Grandpa Nick Barone,
     Ol' Blaze-Away
     Barbara and Teddy
        Teddy and Dolly
Teddy and Dolly at Formal Dinner
       Dolly in Florida
     Teddy, Barbara, Dolly
     Third Man in the Ring
Third Man in the Ring
Teddy and Golden Gloves Team
Referee for Navy, World War II
  Third Man in the Ring
Teddy with Tony Canzoneri
    in Training Camp
Teddy Martin, prizefighter
The Brothers Stolfi, Teddy, Nickie,  
           Viniie and Dr. Julius
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